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Medicare has been Categorized into Several Parts. The so called Original Medicare is Segmented into 4 Parts.
  • Part A – Covers Hospital Stays
  • Part B – Covers Necessary Medical Service
  • Part C – Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Part D – Covers Prescription Drugs
  • Once you sign up for Medicare, you would be able to choose from Part A, B, C or D as per your choice. A Medicare Advantage plan operates like a health maintenance organization. It covers Part A and Part B ­ preventive services, hospitalization services and mostly the prescription drug benefits. There are other plans which provide something extra which includes dental, vision and hearing coverage.
    The best option for you would be to visit the Medicare Website followed by flipping through various insurance options to see which plan exactly suits your needs.
    Our team comprises of licensed and experienced insurance professionals with strong customer and community ties. Our agents know which insurance carriers are the best for your specific needs and help you understand your coverage and quotes. Finding you the best coverage and service, we help you save your time, energy and the daily hassles.

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